How to get rental property in the Netherlands

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We receive questions about how to get to a rental property in Utrecht regularly. Now we are a broker for owner-occupied homes, but we would like to help you to find your way in the rental market in the Netherlands. To get a house in the Netherlands can be very difficult, especially when you are searching in the big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. So when you know you will be needing a rental house in Utrecht, start your search as early as possible.

The rental market in the Netherlands is subdivided into social housing, where you can only live if you meet certain conditions, and private rental properties. If you are a student you can try student residences.

More information on social rental homes you can request at Woningnet. They can tell you whether you meet the conditions and whether you can get a declaration of urgency.

Student residences are leased by SSH, the housing corporation for students. But you can also search on websites like: Kamernet,, Kamernodig, Kamerutrecht. In August, all freshmen will be looking for a room, so you are probably too late to get a nice room, when you start looking by then.

International students looking for temporary accommodation can contact SSHXL shortstay.

Are you a graduate? Then you need to leave your studentroom and look for a room elsewhere. Our advice is to register with Woningnet or Jebber.

If you are not eligible for social rent, you can register with housing corporations or private rental companies.

Remember that you must register with Burgerzaken of the municipality of Utrecht within 5 days. This obligation also applies to (international) students.