How to buy a house in the Netherlands (1) From dreams to reality

Are you an expat trying to buy a house in the Netherlands? Not sure about the whole process and which steps to take? Here is some information especially for you!
And do you want more information phone Willem den Hartog Jager of HJ Makelaardij. He has experience in helping expats buying a house in Utrecht and expat starters in particular. Telephone 06 – 14 88 88 33 or email him:

1. From dreams to reality

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If we close our eyes and dream about where and how we want to live, we know it all: a large, beautiful house in a pleasant environment. But how do you get a realistic picture of what is actually possible within your budget?

  • Make a list of things that are important in a house according to you
    • is it to be house or an apartment,
    • the number of bedrooms you would like,
    • is a bath really important or will a shower do,
    • what about a garden etc.
  • Look at properties on the Dutch housing site Funda ( What kind of properties are there? And what would you like?
    • Is it to be an old house with lots of character or do you like a newly built
    • Is it to be a turn-key that fits all your wishes, or will a DIY house do for the moment
    • Will it be an apartment in the middle of town or do you prefer a first family home
  • To get a feeling for what you can get for your money, visit a few houses without immediately wanting to buy
  • Adjust your housing requirements based on the viewings
  • Start your house hunting with clear requirements in your mind and a priority list

What about the budget?

Fulfilling your dreams depends on your budget. If you don’t have the money for it, you may dream but it will not be within reach. So most importantly: you have to adjust your dreams to your financial situation.

What wishes would you be willing to let go? Is the same house in a different neighborhood perhaps feasible? Dreaming is nice, but be realistic when it comes to buying.

Do you want more information on the other steps as well?

Mail Willem den Hartog Jager of HJ Makelaardij for a password on the information of the following steps. Email:

Purchasing process

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