How to buy a house in the Netherlands (5): Concept delivery deed

Are you an expat trying to buy a house in the Netherlands? Not sure about the whole process and which steps to take? Here is some information especially for you!
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Concept delivery deed

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Concept Delivery Deed
A couple of days before you go and sign the delivery deed at the notary you will receive a concept version of the document. You should check the concept delivery deed thoroughly because this is the legal base of the ownership of the house.

Most information in the delivery deed comes from the delivery deed the sellers signed when they bought the house. For instance, all the chain clauses that come with the house must be in both the old and the new delivery deed. Another source for the delivery deed is the purchasing contract that you and the sellers signed. Combined you should have all information to check if the concept delivery deed is okay to sign.

One problem that might occur is the language barrier because the delivery deed is usually only in Dutch and written in a difficult legal language. If this is the case you should ask your estate agent or a native speaker to translate it for you because there are important legal bindings after you signed for it.

Concept delivery deed continued

Energy label
Recently the Dutch government made the energy label mandatory when a house is sold. The energy label reflects the isolation and energy saving levels of a house. The levels range from A (the best) to G (the worst).

The energy label has to be included in the delivery deed. Without it the notary isn’t allowed to pass the delivery deed. Recent developments show that most home owners already have an energy label when they are putting the house on the market. Nevertheless you should always check if it is included in the (concept) delivery deed.

The next step is the Closing Date. You can find more information here.

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