How to buy a house in the Netherlands (6): Closing date

Are you an expat trying to buy a house in the Netherlands? Not sure about the whole process and which steps to take? Here is some information especially for you!
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The closing date

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Inspection of the house
On the closing date the buyer and seller (with their real estate agents) will visit the house before they go to the notary. During this inspection there are 3 things that need attention:

  1. The house needs to be empty. Nobody should live there anymore. If there are any indications that people still live in the house you should not sign the delivery deed.
  2. Everything that was structurally attached to the house when you signed the purchasing contract (or when you visited the house) should still be in the house. For instance the kitchen with its equipment should be still in the house and light bolts can’t be removed. But a freezer that isn’t structurally attached to the kitchen can be removed unless of course this has been part of the negotiations and both parties agreed that it will stay behind when the house is sold.
  3. The gas, water and electricity meter readings need to be recorded. These readings need to be transferred to the suppliers so they know what they have to charge to the sellers and from when they have to charge the buyers.

If the inspection is okay and there are no findings that will prevent the buyers from signing the delivery deed it’s time to go to the notary.

How to buy a house in the Netherlands

The closing date continued

The signing at the notary will always be split into two parts.

The first part is where the buyers and the sellers will sign the delivery deed. The notary will first want to make sure that the buyers and sellers are who they say they are by checking there identification (passport or ID). Then the notary will read out (a resume of) the delivery deed so all parties understand what they are going to sign for. Be aware that this will be in Dutch and that if buyers or sellers are not competent in the Dutch language there needs to be an official translator. The notary will also check if the house is insured and if there is an energy label attached to the delivery deed. Then, if both parties agree with the delivery deed and transaction itself, it’s time to sign. After the signing the keys of the house will be given to the new owners and the transaction will be completed.

When the delivery deed is signed the sellers are done at the notary and they will leave. The buyers will stay to sign for the financial part of the transaction. The notary will first explain the costs that are stated on the final bill (eindafrekening) before it’s time to sign for the mortgage deed. In most cases the bank will be represented by an other notary (from the same notary office) and he or she will sign the mortgage deed on behalf of the bank.

When both deeds are signed the transaction is complete and the buyers are the new owners of the house. The notary will register the transaction in the register for real estate: the Kadaster. The Kadaster is the Dutch authority which registrates the ownership and mortgages of real-estate and the records are open to the public. This is needed to make the transaction of the house official and legally binding.

Registration at the municipality
Now that you as buyer have the keys of the new house you can start moving in or do the renovations you planned. There is one more thing you need to do if you haven’t done it yet and that’s register yourself and everybody that’s going to live in the house at the municipality (Basisregistratie Personen or BRP). This is needed to have access to the official Dutch organizations like the tax authorities.

Be aware that not registrating within 5 days after moving in, can have consequences!

Congratulations! You just became the owner of a house in the Netherlands. It might have been a big challenge but I sincerely hope this information has been of help during the process. If you get stuck on the way and you are in need of some professional help please let us know at
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